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Design features allow pets to elect the amount of attention or privacy they desire throughout the day. All enclosures have an inside bedroom and out-door run opening up onto a large grassy yard. Doggies enjoy daily walks, morning treats and playtime with a staff member. All animals are supplied with a comfy trampoline bed. All pets are invited to bring a favourite blanket and toy. Music is piped throughout the complex creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Special rates apply for long stay guests, pensioners and farmers. Please enquire.


Our luxury Cattery offers first class two story enclosures. The cattery is fully heated and located next to the main office so animals never feel isloated. All cats enjoy daily cuddles and have the opportunity to use the outdoor enclosure for a romp.

All cats are asked to bring their own special bed to make them feel at home. If they don't have one we are happy to provide one.



Only the best ingredients go in to our daily pet menu. Fussy eaters and special diets are catered for.

We will happily board pets on vital or complicated medication for a small fee. Bitches in heat are safely boarded.

Family groups are happily boarded in the one suite.

All doggies visiting for a week or more will receive a free Hydro-bath.

For that complete grooming experience we offer the luxury of a Hydro-bath, with turbo drying, leaving your pet feeling soft, silky and super clean.